In my first year of studying Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft, I became member of ID, the faculty’s study association. I joined the PR committee, a creative group supporting other committees in promoting their events. Besides designing a variety of general content, I also organised a special secret project and event, being the Commissioner of Publicity. I also was co-responsible for the design of our own committee logo and sweater. Finally, I took the lead in organizing workshops in creative Adobe software for the faculty’s students.


This is a collection of the posters I designed in the name of PRID.

Secret PR stunt

As Commissioner of Publicity I was especially tasked with promoting the committee itself, seeing our quite invisible nature. Therefore I organized a PR stunt, that also promoted and celebrated the brand new logo of ID (the study association had a new visual identity that year).

At the start of the year I created 20 templates with basic shapes that, when put together correctly, shape the ID logo. This was an ambitious puzzle project, that we mockingly called ‘the chessboard’.

Throughout our term we designed and presented many posters, websites and apps, that all had a place in the big structure. When all work was finished and summer approached, I organized a special release event. Many students gathered in the faculty hall to celebrate ‘the first birthday of the new ID logo’, but found themselves surprised to see a huge printout of ‘the chessboard’.

photography credits go to ID’s photography committee

Logo and sweater

In collaboration with my committee members I created the ‘PR8IG’ name and identity. When pronounced in Dutch, the name means two things: PR-achtig translatates to ‘PR-ish’ or ‘PR-like’, and thus simply refers to the committee’s function. Prachtig means beautiful, expressing the high level of aesthetics we strive for as a committee. Seeing the committee consists of 8 people, the name and logo makes extra sense!

The main element in the logo is the big 8, which is partly shaped by two iconic Adobe tools (pen and brush). This expresses our main tools to do our creative work, Photoshop and Illustrator. The logo was printed black on a white crewneck sweater, with a funny image on the back. We wore this committee outfit – a standard in Dutch student culture – at all our public events.

Adobe workshops

A special task of the PRID committee is to organize workshops for IDE students to learn the basics of popular and useful Adobe programs. Next to Photoshop and Illustrator, I proposed to dedicate one of the evenings to Adobe Xd, Adobe’s relatively new prototyping tool. I created the working file, instructions and exercises. Since some courses require app prototypes and learning a new skill is always useful, many students showed up to the Adobe Xd workshop. I was host and instructor of the evening.