This presentation is on audience, structure and planning in the context of designed media. Use the following links to jump to audience, platform, style and examples of posts.


In EYP media is targeted at internal and external audiences.


The audiences more or less match with our exposure platforms.


Reference: EYP’s official Communication Manual and Communication Strategy (you need to be signed in to the members platform).

Our tone is young, but professional. We use clear, simple Britisch English.

Good words:

  • young,
  • active,
  • creative,
  • intercultural,
  • truly transnational,
  • skills,
  • ideas,
  • future.

Bad words:

  • Elite, exclusive – we want to be an open and inclusive organisation,
  • EYP slang (Chairs, Journos, Orgas, Teambuilding, Committee Work) without explaining,
  • “EYP International”, please instead refer to the
    International Office of EYP or the international structure on the European level,
  • Abbreviations such as T4ET, BNC, GA, NC and so on.

Good pictures (EYP’s stock photo library):

  • young people;
  • faces, ideally smiling and/or passionate; often, a few faces work better than a large
  • teambuilding activities; especially shots taken in mid-action;
  • committee work discussions; ideally catching people mid-conversation;
  • passionate speaking poses;
  • diversity, colours, flags; EuroVillage/EuroConcert are always great.

Bad pictures:

  • people sleeping, e.g. in GA;
  • people’s backs or closed circles;
  • alcohol, cigarettes, drugs;
  • obviously rich young people;
  • try to avoid showing brands (Apple macbooks);
  • avoid showing too many young people in suits;
  • if using formal pictures, combine them with more casual pictures;
  • careful with blindfolded and circle teambuilding pictures.

Post types and schedule

Targeting different audiences and publishing on different platforms results in different content.