Local entrepreneur Anne-Marie Zwanink approached me for a design job for her foundation “Samen aan de Soep” (Together Soup). This foundation aims to create a strong local society by means of ‘soups’: pleasant gatherings with soup meals in neighbourhoods, villages and municipalities. The initiative has been around for a number of years and has gotten a lot off the ground. There was a beautiful logo but a wide variety of expressions of it. Several smaller websites, poorly designed and barely accessible. It was time for one big website, with up-to-date information and an overview of all forms of ‘soups’. Nothing was allowed to be adapted to the existing corporate identity – logo, font, colours – and so these elements were well adopted and applied. I set to work on this assignment and finally presented the new website!

  • Op de "Samen en Andere Soepen"-pagina staat een overzicht van live countdowns die precies aangeven hoe lang het nog duurt tot de volgende 'soep'-activiteit.

Part of the website was a promotional video on the ‘Forms of Soups’ page. I recorded a village soup and edited a short video that gives the site visitor an impression of such a soup session. The video also attracts visitors, because videos are Search Engine Optimized (SEO): they end up high in Google’s charts, attracting more visitors to the website.