Since the beginning of the fourth grade I have been a member of the ‘debating team’ of the Revius Lyceum. I participated in Dutch and English-language debate tournaments simulating the European Parliament or the United Nations. I have learned a lot and gained unforgettable experiences during the team training sessions and conference weekends. At the end of summer 2017 I even flew to Cyprus to participate in an EYP session. Over the years I have become more and more involved in the debating team, and for the school year 17-18 (also my last at the Revius) I was asked to become ‘Head of PR’ of the reformed Revius Debating Society (RDS). I seized this opportunity with both hands and started to improve the image of the debating team. For this purpose I designed my own logo (for printing and presentations) that would not be too far removed from the school’s identity.

  • Vereenvoudigd ontwerpproces. Een combinatie van het logo van de school en een standaard katheder symbool.

I also created a Facebook page on which I would post reports of debates and interviews with ex-debates, to promote the RDS. Finally, I took care of the ‘debating team’ page on the school’s website, with renewed photos and extensive information about the activities.

  • De Facebook-pagina van de RDS, met logo en aangepaste banner.