For the Interaction & Electronics course of the Industrial Design Engineering bachelor, I designed a personal health information system for bus drivers. Together with 4 peer students we researched the target user group and came up with a concept of a combined app and physical feedback device. We then had three weeks to individually develop this into prototypes, totally tailored to the bus driver’s style and wishes. The most relevant results of the app design are showcased below. A fully interactive prototype can be accessed via this link.

To better understand the operation of the app and overall system, I suggest viewing this user scenario I designed.

Bus drivers check in at the bus and view their ride’s information immediately after.

During the ride the system proposes a variety of physical exercises on the cabin display, based on the selected route type, user profile and previous experiences.

At home or in the station canteen, bus drivers can review their health in depth.

For a full overview of the design project you can read this report, in which my entire creative process is documented. The teacher graded it with a 8,3 (out of 10).