In February 2019 the annual National Selection Conference of EYP The Netherlands took place. A few hundred youngsters gathered in Amsterdam to discuss European topics in light of the session’s theme Bending Without Breaking. I participated in the session as volunteer in the Media Team. All team members were charged with 3 tasks to perform during the 5-day session. Being assigned to one debating committee I took pictures of delegates doing several activities, from playing games to discussing serious European matters.

A second task was to provide content for the ‘session issue’, a little booklet that would serve as a token of the conference to all participants of Amsterdam 2019. I chose to write an article in which participants could express their opinion. I chose to set up an interactive board for the youngsters to discuss European news of that time. Through informal debates they get the chance to think about the span of EU law and authority, and whether, when or where it would Bend Without Breaking. Participants were asked to write down their thoughts on notes and stick them to the board. At the end of each day I gathered the results to process them in a neat figure and text, which you can regard on another page.

Lastly, all Media Team Members dedicated themselves to a project: practically any format was allowed, as long as it’s content or style was connected to the session or the European Youth Parliament as a whole. I chose to take session’s theme quite literally. How far can youngsters bend themselves? How flexible are their bodies? I initiated and led sessions of gymnastics, with easy and short physical exercises. This way delegates could take a break from the tiring and serious discussions with their committees, and stretch their limbs. These activities were recorded and formed a little entertaining video to be shown at the closing ceremony at the end of the session.