In 2017 I traveled an exceptional amount. With classmates and family I visited beautiful destinations all over Europe. On each trip I took my camera with me, which I used to capture the landscape, the culture and the adventures I encountered at these locations. In this way, in addition to beautiful personal travel videos, I was also able to make ‘mood’ videos about one specific aspect of a trip. I experimented with aesthetics, using black bars or cut-outs to place the video: round, horizontal or vertical. In this way a set of artistic videos was created, also using soundtracks by one particular artist: Tom Rosenthal.

July, Slovenia, Metelkova

With my parents and little brother I left in the summer for Slovenia for our annual big holiday. In the last of three weeks we visited the capital of the Eastern European country Ljubljana. There the district of Metelkova caught my attention. This small anarchist artists’ quarter housed many strange, colourful and abstract works of art.

August, Cyprus, Attilla Line

In the last week of the summer I travelled with four schoolmates and a teacher to Cyprus, the sub-tropical island in the corner of the Mediterranean Sea. There we participated in the National Selection Conference of the European Youth Parliament (EYP). In addition to this several-day debate tournament, a trip to the capital Nicosia was planned. Cyprus is separated into a Greek (west) and Turkish (east) part. The buffer zone, the Attila Line, is the vague border area between them. The dilapidated buildings and signs of war made a big impression on us.

October, Spain, Montjuïc

My family and I spent the autumn break in Barcelona, the famous Spanish/Catalonian city. On one of the days during that fine week we visited the castle of Montjuïc, situated on the hill of the same name on the outskirts of the city. It offered a beautiful view over the landscape, including the city and the sea.